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Coding 4 Kids (ages 8-12)

£190Per Term (pro rata)


The Coding 4 Kids course is designed for children aged 8+ who are taking their first steps in coding.

The syllabus includes games design using Kodu as well as coding using the “blockly” coding environments popularised by platforms such as Scratch. We recommend that children try their hands at both platforms to give them a good grounding in both types of programming platforms.

For Kodu, the children create event-driven code using either a gaming controller or a keyboard, manipulating visual elements on-screen to construct each game. A multitude of game objects are available for selection when designing the games. The course takes the child through setting up landscapes and worlds, manipulating the camera and on-screen objects on various terrains, performing collision-detection, zooming in-and-out, camera-orbiting, firing missiles, detecting and avoiding enemy fire, score-keeping and health-tracking to name a few.

Scratch is a procedural programming language invented at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for teaching children the concepts of programming using visual blocks as the basic programming constructs. The coding environment within Scratch is both graphical and event-driven. The children manipulate on-screen objects (or sprites) that can be drawn or imported. Commands are grouped into ten categories which include “Motion”, “Sound”, “Pen”, “Data”, “Events”, and “Sensing” to name a few. Language commands are represented as visual blocks that snap together on a ‘coding canvas’ to form syntactically correct, complete programs.

This course is recommended for children aged 8+, who are beginners or just starting out learning how to code.


Session Structure

With Spark4Kids, each child is assigned their own computer (which we provide), and using a combination of interactive audio-visual material and courseware, completes the Spark4Kids challenges in their own time.

The fun nature of our courses enables children to learn instinctively, and at a pace they are comfortable with. Whilst we provide the environment for learning and remain on-hand for support, the children are encouraged to take ownership of the code that they create.

At pick up time it’s not uncommon to hear children asking parents and tutors for extra time because they want to continue working on their coding challenges!


Starting After Term Has Begun

With Spark4Kids, there is no such thing as a late start – your child can start with us any week during the term!

Due to the way our courses are structured, a child can start with us any week during the term, subject to spaces being available. Our courses enable children to learn at their own pace, and this means your child can join after the term has started and they will not lose out on any topics. They simply start at the beginning of their chosen course, and work through the challenges (as all other children did when they started).

The earlier you book your child on a course though, the more likely you are to obtain a space.


Taster Sessions

For a nominal fee, we offer Taster Sessions for any child who would like to try things out before committing to the rest of the term. You can register for a Taster Session by visiting this page.


Weekly Attendance

Sessions for each course are held once a week, and children registered on a course will be expected to attend on a weekly basis, on the day and at the time that parents chose at the time of booking.


Term Fees

Fees are paid up-front to cover the sessions for the term. Children who register after the start of the term will have their fees calculated on a pro rata basis (note that the fee for this course is listed at the top of this page).

Fee payment is by bank transfer – contact us for details (see contact details at the bottom of this page).


Childcare Vouchers

Spark4Kids accepts childcare vouchers as payment towards our term-time courses from the following providers:

  • Busy Bees
  • Care-4
  • ComputerShare
  • Edenred
  • Employers For Childcare
  • FairCare
  • KiddiVouchers
  • Sodexo

To pay for our courses using childcare vouchers, please email us (see details at the bottom of the page) and we will provide instructions on completing your booking. If your childcare voucher provider is not listed above, please contact us about this.


We offer sibling discounts for families with more than one child enrolled with Spark4Kids. The discount is 10% off the second child’s fees and 5% off any additional sibling’s fees thereafter. Children looking to book double sessions are also offered a 10% discount off the second hour of the session.

Discounts are automatically applied during the booking process.

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