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Dev Squad (age 12+, invitation-only)

£475Per Term (pro rata)


The Spark4Kids Dev Squad is an invitation-only course that extends the “Games Design 4 Kids” course, with a focus on building and releasing mobile games to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The course will introduce attendees to the real world process of ideation, games design and development, app store certification, release as well as post-release app management. Members of the Dev Squad will also be attendees on the “Games Design 4 Kids” course (see below for enrolment information).

The number of attendees of the Dev Squad will be limited to 10 attendees per term.

Pre-requisites and Enrolling

To join the Dev Squad, attendees will either have to have attained app development experience on our existing “Games Design 4 Kids” course and then been invited to join the Dev Squad, or be able to present a portfolio of games or applications for review by Spark4Kids before joining (external applicants).

For external applicants looking to join the Dev Squad, the fees for joining are the same as existing Spark4Kids members, however as stated above, a review of potential attendee’s portfolio of apps/games is a pre-requisite for joining.

External applicants wishing to join the Dev Squad should get in touch with us using the contact details at the bottom of this web page, in order to initiate the process of joining. Note that newly registered attendees on the “Games Design 4 Kids” course will be required to build up knowledge of the course before being invited to join the Dev Squad.

Dev Squad Session Times

Due to the increased amount of specialist material to cover, two hours per session is required in order to cover the material and maintain progress, and so the Dev Squad squad sessions run on Saturdays, from 12 noon to 1:55pm and also on Sundays, from 10:00am to 11:55pm.

Session Structure

With Spark4Kids, each child is assigned their own computer (which we provide), and using a combination of interactive audio-visual material and courseware, completes the Spark4Kids challenges in their own time.

The fun nature of our courses enables children to learn instinctively, and at a pace they are comfortable with. Whilst we provide the environment for learning and remain on-hand for support, once guidance is provided, the children take ownership of the code that they create, and they love it.

At pick up time it’s not uncommon to hear children asking parents and tutors for extra time because they want to continue working on their coding challenges!

Starting After Term Has Begun

With Spark4Kids, there is no such thing as a late start – your child can start with us any week during the term!

Due to the way our courses are structured, a child can start with us any week during the term, subject to spaces being available. Our courses enable children to learn at their own pace, and this means your child can join after the term has started and they will not lose out on any topics.

The earlier you book your child on a course though, the more likely you are to obtain a space.

Taster Sessions

For a nominal fee, we offer taster sessions for any child who would like to try things out before committing to the rest of the term.

Pro Rata Term Fees

Children who register after the start of the term (or after a Taster Session) will have their fees calculated on a pro rata basis. The fee is dependent on each child’s individual start date, and will be automatically calculated during the booking process.


Sessions for each course are held once a week, and children registered on a course will be expected to attend on a weekly basis, on the day and at the time chosen at the time of course registration.

Childcare Vouchers

Spark4Kids accepts childcare vouchers as payment towards our term-time courses and holiday workshops, from the following providers:

  • Busy Bees
  • Care-4
  • ComputerShare
  • Edenred
  • Employers For Childcare
  • FairCare
  • Fideliti
  • KiddiVouchers
  • NW Brown
  • Sodexo

To pay for our courses using childcare vouchers, please complete the Paying with Childcare Vouchers form (includes a section to complete if your voucher provider is not listed above).


We offer sibling discounts for families with more than one child enrolled with Spark4Kids. The discount is 10% off the second child’s fees and 5% off any additional sibling’s fees thereafter. Children looking to book double sessions are also offered a 10% discount off the second hour of the session.

Discounts are automatically applied during the booking process.

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