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python 4 kids

Computer Coding (Skills)

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Course Information

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With virtually every business embracing technology to gain competitive advantage, this course introduces DofE participants to computer coding – a key digital skill for now and the future.

The coding language of choice on this course is Python – a powerful, modern programming language with a gentle learning curve that makes it ideal for young people. The nature of Python means you can write short programs quickly, with the platform remaining flexible enough for its use to be limited only by the programmer’s imagination.

Python is used to power software services from many famous organisations including NASA, Netflix, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Uber to name a few. If you are looking for a core skill that is future-proof, then computer coding is an ideal choice.

This course is taught by seasoned computing tutors with many years of real-world industry experience, in a LIVE!, interactive, tutor-led online classroom.


Course Content

The course covers these computer coding topics:

  • Variables, Input/Output, Sequencing
  • Data Types, Casting, Numbers
  • Selection, Iteration, String Manipulation
  • Operators: Arithmetic, Assignment, Comparison, Logical


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