Spark4Kids offers computer coding workshops for Primary School (KS1, Lower KS2 and Upper KS2), as well as Secondary School (KS3, and KS4/GCSE).

Coding Workshops for Primary Schools

On these workshops, children learn to write computer code by manipulating visual elements on-screen to construct their programs.

This practical hands-on workshop gently takes children through the basics of computer coding and covers a variety of coding and technology topics.

The focus is on creating computer programs in an engaging and supportive environment in which children of all abilities are encouraged to participate, learn coding and have fun.

Coding Workshops for Secondary Schools

On this practical, hands-on coding workshop, pupils are introduced to coding syntax, covering a number of programming topics, including Sequencing, Selection, Repetition and Variables before progressing onto more advanced topics.

For pupils preparing for GCSE Computer Science, we offer training on the coding and algorithms topics of the syllabus. We can cover computer coding concepts in-depth, review questions on coding and algorithms from past exam papers, as well as run practical programming sessions on any coding/algorithms topic in the GCSE Computer Science syllabus.


When booking, kindly complete the short form provided (“Your Info”), telling us what you are looking for from the booking. This will enable us optimise time spent during the session. Please provide as much information as possible.